Parmesan cheese – The gigantina-


A Parmesan cheese really special, unique product that gives those who taste excitement. Absolute balance between flavor and soft sweetness, sublime emotion not to Miss!

This product is no longer available


Our ultra 50-year-old dairy tradition made us feel our duty towards our loyal consumers to bring to market a Parmesan cheese really "special" ...

a unique and inimitable product that can inspire in those who tasted really unforgettable emotions.

Comes from our huge passion for Parmigiano Reggiano "GIGANTINA" which takes its name from the large size of forms from us choices to promote our beliefs.

This extraordinary Parmigiano Reggiano, we propose with a 30-month average, maturing at the sight it has a pale straw color and live with a complexity intense olfactory, dominated by aromas of fresh milk and herbal notes and dried fruit.

The palate is the absolute balance between mild flavor and soft sweetness typical of raw milk fresh from the cow.

"A sublime emotion don't miss!"

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