Wheat Crackers Piccolo strings-The Campagnino


The Campagnino

"Triticum Monococcum"

Grain Definition

also known as

Einkorn or Emmer Minor

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More than 10,000 years, the grain was grown only in the Middle East, first Definition

Subsequently, with the migrations of peoples, he arrived in Europe spreading

between the copper age and the bronze age.

In some archaeological excavations in areas of Cremona and Brescia, were

found traces of this cereal.

The Piccolo (Triticum monococcum) wheat is a "dress", presenting

the caryopsis enclosed by glumes even after threshing.

It's a rustic grain and doesn't need many cures than traditional wheats, you

sustainable cropping systems and adapt well to Biologicals, has good adaptability pedocli-

diplomatic pressure and does great productions.

Usually this wheat is grown by sowing on hard,

so less dispersion there CO2 in the atmosphere.

Excellent Dietetic nutritional characteristics.

Nutritionally, differs from the wheat is tender that hard, for its

exceptionally rich in proteins, vitamins and carotenoids, in addition to the high

content in zinc and iron.

It also has a very low gluten content (from a 3% to a max of 6%).

Stinghe of Crackers

the extra virgin olive oil

Piccolo wheat

stone ground

Ingredients: wheat flour Piccolo, extra virgin olive oil, Brewer's yeast, salt.

Contains gluten

200 grams

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