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The terms and conditions of online shopping www.italianfood.care site apply to orders that you, the customer, order using our website.

Therefore, please carefully read the terms and conditions of sale and print a copy for future reference.

By accepting the terms and conditions of use, You also agree to the use of personal data which will form an integral part of the agreement between us. None of the conditions and terms of use affect your rights as a consumer, or any other right.

Orders outside Italy

Currently we accept orders for the Italian territory and the countries of the Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Ireland (Eire). Any orders received outside the countries mentioned, will be confirmed by us after checking customs rules. A surcharge may be applied for delivery to remote areas. Unless otherwise specified, as for sale on this site is only sold in Italy, member countries of the Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Ireland (Eire). We do not guarantee that what for sale on this site is appropriate or available outside the Italian territory. If you decide to have access to our site from locations outsidefrom Italian territory, is she aware for local regulations and customs.

Minors of age

Sales are only allowed to adults or those who have completed 18 years of age. If you are a under the age 18 years require adult supervision. Wines, spirits and liqueurs products in General may be sold only to adults. We are not responsible for unwary purchases and for misrepresentation of age.

Products with alcohol content.

Some products for sale on this website may contain alcohol. When you make a purchase of this kind, confirms to be of age.

Colours, descriptions, dimensions and labelling of products.

For each product we were as accurate as possible in showing its colors, sizes and descriptions. The effect of the colors of the products for sale on our website depends on the resolution of your monitor so it can't be guaranteed that the quality of his images corresponds to how much will be delivered. However, we reserve the right from time to time, of varying sizes, descriptions, quality and quantity of articles for sale without notice. However, productsfor sale may vary in packaging, labelling and/or size at the discretion of the producer thereof without prior notice.

Availability of articles and substitutions

Orders are subject to availability. If for any reason the articles you have ordered are no longer available, we will contact you using the data provided by you during your order to:

offer an alternative product of equivalent quality and price if possible; or

delete the article is missing, rimborsandole in full the cost of the same.

If you will not be able to contact you or receive any feedback from you, will be processed only the portion of the order available as rimborsandole not available.

Her profile

Is required to purchase its registration on the site. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your username and password, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your profile. You are responsible for all activities carried out using your password and username. Pay attention for your password and username are confidential and secure. Please therefore notify us if you believe that your passwordor username has been used fraudulently or improperly. Please that the information you provide with your registration, are correct and complete comunicandocene changes (e.g. change of address or email address). We reserve the right to refuse access to the site, remove content or accounts and/or cancel orders at our discretion. If your order is cancelled, you will be charged nothing.

Privacy policy and notices

When you place an order, we will collect personal information and transaction-related information (such as name, address, e-mail address, credit card details). For more information about the use of your data, please read the terms of use listed below. To comply with our obligations under the contract, the we will communicate via email or through our website. In this case, you agree to receive communications from us by email and that this meets any legal requirement for a written communication. All your information will be treated to complete your purchase and to deliver what he bought. No one else will have access to such information if not strictly necessary for the execution of his order. The criteria adopted for the protection of personal information, comply with the regulations of the testo unico sulla privacy(D.L. 196/2003).


When you place an order on our website, this will be an offer between you and us for the purchase of the product in question. The we will confirm your order to him an email that summarizes the details of your purchase.

As your order is processed

What happens when you collect your order:

1) purchase order Receipt

all orders are processed within hours 14.00 (local time-Italy); If received after that time will be processed the following day. For orders received on Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, will be processed on the first business day following the order.

If the product is in stock, the order will be processed in relation to the method of payment chosen, namely:

-If the selected payment method is credit card, paypal cash on delivery to the carrier, your order is immediately processed;

-If the chosen method of payment is Bank transfer, the order will be processed as soon as it is available and credited the incoming flow of the amount of the order on ourbusiness checking account.

If the product is not in stock, we can take up to 72 hours for the procurement and/or split deliveries we can expect further addebitandole shipping cost; If 72 hours may not be enough, you will be contacted and we will:

credited to the amount paid to about the item (s) missing.

the expedition than missing as soon will be available in our warehouses.

2) delivery to the courier – pick up day

As soon as ready his shipment, the courier will reference the withdrawal of goods in our warehouses.

3) management delivery by the courier

the day after the withdrawal of the shipment, the courier will handle his expedition in the chosen mode and on schedule for delivery of your order. You will be given a tracking number with which you can monitor your shipment.

Rest of catalog products:

Regardless of the perishable nature of the product, will air transport by air only for these countries: Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus.

For the rest of the products in the catalogue will be on rubber and transportation may be available for the following countries besides Italy: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands; Principality of Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic. Czech, Slovakia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic. San Marino, United Kingdom, Ireland (Eire)

Please be always available on the scheduled day of delivery, monitoring his expedition through the tracking number that we will supply. Any costs of storage are against him. We are not responsible if the stock were to compromise the quality output of the product shipped. Delivery times are purely indicative, for this reason we suggest you check the transit times on the site www.ups.com.


The products are invoiced in Euro at the price recovered at the time of your order. Prices include VAT and are calculated on the value of the moment. The cost of delivery is charged separately. Any customs fees and mark are charged separately. Although the online prices are correct and accurate, errors may occur are not interested in. If we realize that an article you have selected has a wrong price, will be immediatelycontacted. It's his right to confirm the chosen article or delete it. If you are unable to contact you, your order will be processed taking into account the wrong price as authorized. The prices on our website are only for online purchases. Are therefore not indicative as identitici prices products purchased in other distribution channels. We reserve the right to modify the prices from time to time.


You can make your payment to articles you ordered online by providing the details of your credit/debit card through the PayPal system, by bank transfer or cash on delivery to the carrier. Sorry not to be able to accept cheques, vouchers or cash as payment online. When you make a purchase by credit card, the system will automatically ask you to credit card company his permission for the amount spent. If we receive a positive confirmation of payment, will be charged the amount gained in our favour. The receipt of payment does not imply the acceptance of the order by us. Although all efforts for the security of the site and the online fraud were executed, we cannot guarantee the security of the data provided by you sent via email. Therefore it is not recommended to send sensitive information via email. For safetydata provided, see below paragraph Privacy. We are not responsible for data loss due to unauthorized access to your data and information about the transaction you have made in the course of his purchases. If you choose the payment mode bank draft, when we receive the credit will begin to be processed your order. It is also possible to pay cash on delivery to the carrier CODE (only for Italy) with an additional five euros. The maximum amount on delivery is $ 999.99.


If you wish to cancel your order, please send an email to info@italianfood.care. As we try to fulfill his order giving the highest priority, it may not be possible to delete it if the commodity is already playing. If your order is so the party can make in respect of the conditions for return (see below). As soon as we receive notice of your cancellation, we will cancel as object of his rimborsandole cancellation the amount paid. Will not be refunded for urgent delivery, costs for delivery by air or the equivalent of the cost of transportation argued.

Right to withdrawal

Pursuant to Decree 206/2005, the right of withdrawal is exercised by sendingwithin the time limit of 14 days, a written communication at the ns. location (La bottega di Sabrina-Via Mantova 26100, 1:0-Cremona (CR)) by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The communication can be sent, within the same period, also by telegram, telex, e-mail and fax, on condition that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours.

Return right

If resident in Italy, the Schengen area countries, United Kingdom and Ireland (Eire) has the right to return to what you bought within ten working days from the time your order was delivered.This right applies to all items for sale on the site except:

fresh products such as cured meats, all kinds of meat and cheese processing, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, even if packaged under vacuum or protective atmosphere and other products especially if the perishable nature is clearly limited in time (such as mozzarella)

sealed products where the packaging has been tampered with.

The lack of external packaging and/or the casing containing the purchased product

The damage to the product otherwise than byits transport.

You must contact our customer care by sending an email to: info@italianfood.care.

The amounts due to you will be refunded in the less time as possible and in any case within thirty (30) days from the date on which we will be aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The refund procedure will be triggered once verified the proper performance of the terms and conditions above.

Returns specific

Items damaged in transit: If you receive a shipment from us whose contents have been damaged in transit, we will replace the damaged product with no additional cost for its part within seven days of receipt of delivery or we will refund your. If you receive our neck with clear signs of tampering or neck whose integrity is damaged, upon delivery by the courier, it must accept the neck with reserve. This will enable us in the event of wilful misconduct or negligence of the carrier, to charge the cost to the carrier by compensating Her for the loss suffered. If this does not happen any compensation, indemnification may be requested or made.

Defective products: you have the right to make productsdefects within 10 days.

Incorrect items: If we sent the wrong item, please notify us as soon as possible. Can make the wrong items by specifying the reason for the error. If you like replace the article wrong with the article that you selected the correct item will ship as soon as possible after the making of art. wrong. It will be charged to the wrong article. Please note, however, that the product (s) you selected might be replaced/ro (s) from a similar product, if that product is not in stock. His consent was expressed at the time that he accepts the terms and conditions of use.


The product cost refund for the return of the following articles:

• items shipped in error;

• items damaged during delivery or incorrect or defective;

• articles replaced by her undesirable;

It will be against him the cost of transportation of its rendered in all circumstances (including the right of return for afterthought). As long as it does not return, She is responsible for the health and care of your products are kept. We do not accept liability for damaged productsfrom his address to ours. Is your responsibility can its made in such a way as to prevent damage. We are not liable for theft, loss or damage to the shipment to her and to us directly.


We are responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a direct result of a breach of contractual rules "terms and conditions". However, we will not be liable to you or any third party for any economic loss (including loss of revenue, profits, contracts, payments, unused expenses anicipati, data losses and goodwill) or any other loss or damage which is not the direct result of our actions if this is the result of an unforeseeable at the time when the contract is formalized. Our responsibility concerns however will not be higher than the cost incurred by you at the time of your purchase.

Events beyond reasonable control

In accordance with the terms and conditions of sale, we are not liable to him for delays, thefts, losses and losses caused by unforeseeable events and therefore beyond reasonable control. Our liability ends as soon as the courier will deliver the shipment of his neck. We are therefore not liable for because it operated by courier and for any delays to deliveries due to any unforeseen event for the same Courier (for example strikes, bad weather conditions, seismic events and earthquakes, wars, riots) and theft or loss occurred during shipment.

Changes to the website and the terms and conditions of sale

We reserve the right to change at any time at our Web site, the terms and conditions of sale, the www.italianfood.care privacy standards and any other necessary information without notice. The conditions and terms of sale are valid, are those applied at the time of use of the site or of the order. Any changes required by law can be applied to orders already commissioned by you. If any argument of the terms and conditions of sale of the contract of sale is deemed invalid, void or unenforceable for any reason, it shall be deemed ineffective unless the validity of the remainder of the terms and conditions of sale.


If you violate the terms and conditions of sale on line and do not readily to legal action for damages caused to us, we reserve the right to act in defense of our rights.

Laws and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions of use of this website comply with the Italian legislation. The place of jurisdiction is Cremona. You agree to consider the Italian jurisdiction as exclusive.

Customer service

Email: info@italianfood.care

Phone: + 39.334.5714571
www.italianfood.care is directed by

La Bottega di Sabrina – VignoBar snc

Via Mantova 1:0

26100 Cremona (CR)

Privacy policy – terms of use

Your privacy is important to us. This policy describes the information that www.italianfood.care uses in relation to information that customer provides us with Her by using the www.italianfood.care site. By accessing and using our website you agree and confirm the terms of use with regard to the processing of personal data.

The information we collect

The personal information we collect include name, address, telephone number, internet address, contact details for your payment, typically personal information in the followingcases:

Information that you provide when you register on our site or otherwise contact us to obtain information from us or our services (including when it updates its online profile, your address or order, including your details via telephone, email or other details at its initial logon).

Information collected automatically using "cookies" or when interacting with our website, we receive and store certain types of information by using cookies.

Information from other sources: we receive information from a third party that uses them to provide you with the service requested by you from time to time (including delivery and the delivery address by courier and information about credit from financial organisations and/or sources that we use to proceed to the payment process).

How we process information about You

You use the personal information for the purpose (s) need (s) including for example:

• respond to your questions;

• collection, delivery orders, and processing payments articles;

• communications in its concerns about your order, products, services andpromotional offers; 

• update the information collected and maintained his online profile collected;

• prevent and discover fraud or abuse in the use of our site;

• prevent third parties from using technical, logistical information and functional without our consent.

• Promotional offers: If you have given your consent, we will send promotional offers from the US and from other initiatives related to us. If you do not want to receive such offers please send an email to info@italianfood.care

• Transfer of commercial information: in each transaction (e.g. purchase or selling products) the personal information is necessary for the completion of the sale/purchase. 

• Fraud/credit risk: where necessary to prevent fraud or to reduce the credit risk we may provide your personal information to other companies or organizations.

• With your consent: as already pointed out, it will be notified when your information may be transferred to a third party and will be given the opportunity to consent or not to the processing of your information.

We may also transfer your personal information normallyused in the European Union to other countries (including the United States) where the regulations about the protection of personal data may be different from those of the European Union, in any case, you agree to the transfer.

Information collected from a third site

Our website may contain links to other web sites whose information used may be different from ours. Please consult the information on the protection of personal data to such sites as we have no control over the management of the information processed or collected.


Security systems are used to prevent unauthorized access to the information we collect online. Similarly, payment systems are guaranteed by certificates, service providers.

Changes to the processing of personal data

We reserve the right to change the terms of use of personal data from time to time. We invite you to periodically check any changes. Unless otherwise stated, our terms of use of personal information apply to allinformation we have about You

How to contact us

If you have questions about the terms of use of your personal information or how they are managed by us, please contact us via email at info@italianfood.care. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe, edit, or review your personal information please send an email to info@italianfood.care

Owner of data processing

The information provided by you or gathered by our website are operated by:

www.italianfood.care managed by VignoBar snc.