The Symphony of the gods


This menu combines foods we are able offer moments of ecstasy, through composite emotions, creating a Symphony of flavors, aromas and emotions.

The "secret" is the careful selection of each individual and specific product from which it is composed to ensure the taster "unique" experience to be shared.

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This menu contains:

Cacionerone 30 months-Montanari and Gaur

Black reserve takes its name from an ancient tradition.

In Reggio Emilia, until the 1950s, the cheeses were sprinkled with an aqueous solution of Earth and flour to protect them from temperature-takes the name from the intense Black color of the crust.

Specialty hard cheese, produced in the heart of the Po Valley, with a minimum aging of 24 months.

An experience of flavor, fruit of pleasure to return to old ways, still can make you appreciate all the amazing qualities of taste and aroma.

Amorpha Fruticosa honey-Beekeeping Zipoli

Was born in Cremona, in the municipality of Romanengo, honey tastes better in Italy.

This is what has made the 2014 Edition of the national competition "Roberto Franci," sponsored by "honey", Week of September 12 to 14 in Montalcino from, who gave the first prize to Sergio Zipoli acacia honey.

"The secret is the love for the bees, the utmost care of our hives-he explains-and of coursea huge commitment to ensure product quality.

I won with acacia honey, but my production is very diverse. We also produce honeydew honeys from dandelion, millefiori, chestnut, lime, amorpha fruticosa, rhododendron, mountain wildflowers, along with pollen, both fresh and frozen.

All strictly organic. "

 Torrone tradizionale alle mandorle -  F.lli Rivoltini

The torrone artisan Rivoltini is distinguished by a high percentage of almonds and use selected mixtures of honeys.

The name Rivoltini is historically associated with Nougat, typical lever that is the main product of the company.

It's 30 years that Mr. Gabriel, together with his sons Guido and Attilio, decides to engage in the production of honey and Almond Cake, former star of the Christmas festivities in many Italian homes. Thus was born in Vescovato, country not far from Cremona, Rivoltini nougat.

The conditions for the success of the initiative are all there: the original recipe of 1441, the typical steam boiler for baking of the dough, and a remarkable resourcefulness.

The nougat Rivoltini now preserves this wayl typical taste appreciated for the first time from the levers of the fifteenth century at the wedding of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza.

The confectionery company Rivoltini is a reality tied to tradition.

Malvasia dolce "Frogs"-Basement Luretta

Gold flowing from glass to glass enhances warm Mediterranean perfumes of dried flowers and roses ... ....

the freshness and sweetness kidnap the taste of lucky taster and take him to distant landscapes of trees from sweet flowers, sunshine and I become.

In Piacenza from the sea, for pranks in history, malvasia is Queen of local wines and find perfect expression in this bewitching SIP of wine from Bewitched pleasure.

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

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Black crust, try hard cheese, produced in the Po Valley. 30 months seasoning. An experience of flavour.
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Bewitching wine from Bewitched pleasure, comes from a late harvest, where the grapes ripen on the vine. Warm Mediterranean perfumes of dried flowers and roses kidnap the taster and take him to distant landscapes.
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