The Tasty Snack


This menu offers new ideas for the "tasty snack"

The "secret" is the careful selection of each individual and specific product from which it is composed to ensure the taster experience extraordinarily rewarding.

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This menu contains:

Cacionerone-Malik and Gaur

Black reserve takes its name from an ancient tradition.

In Reggio Emilia, until the fifties the cheese were sprinkled with an aqueous solution of Earth and flour to protect them from temperature-takes the name from the intense Black color of the crust.

Specialty hard cheese, produced in the heart of the Po Valley, with a minimum aging of 24 months.

An experience of flavor, fruit of pleasure to return to old ways, still can make you appreciate all the amazing qualities of taste and aroma.

Tomato Chutney-FREDO

Fredo produces Mustard from 1899,

using only top quality fruit, GMO-free colorants and preservatives. Mustard FREDO is a complete natural product and free from any artifice to enhance colors or flavors.

Delightful on the palate, decorative and available in many flavours is perfect for meat, fish, cheese ... from appetizer to dessert!!

Fruit sourdough bread-AZ. Agr. Fathy Eugenio 

The presence of dried fruit makes it sweet, but a gentleness that does not make him lose his "identity": it is therefore not to be perceived as a difficult product to be consumed.

If you think you have a "sweet", yourexpectations will be utterly disappointed!

As for the other bread, we use the sourdough; the dough is then left to rise for at least 8 hours. The dehydrated fruit viene aggiunta nella fase del “secondo impasto”: quindi dopo aver già fatto lievitare l’impasto.

When you use natural yeasts, using the technique ofindirect dough, i.e. a first dough, where you do not add all the ingredients, it is left to rise and then, at the first dough, adding the remaining ingredients. The whole is then left to rest and then cooked.

Birra di Parma Camou-Ceci

Medium bodied, fresh and with a mouth dry and balanced. The softness of the malts is perfectly balanced by a skillful use of hops that give this beer a characteristic drinkability 

Perfume: Floral and herbaceous, ual nose gets a pleasant fragrance from malt and yeast

Taste: Medium-bodied, fresh and with a mouth dry and balanced.

Gradation: 5.9% ABV

Serving temperature: 8°/10° C

Type of glass: Chalice to close code: Q-3

The Blend of grains utilizzati comprendemalted cereal grain and part European Senatore Cappelli, one of Italy's most prized cultivar, which is added to raw in order to give the product a spicy aroma and a high digestibility.

The first fermentation process viene svolto ad alta temperatura, circa 32°, nel periodo invernale da novembre a dicembre, come vuole la tradizione centenaria della produzione delle Saison. The result is a product rich in structure with excellent drinkability.

Fermentation termina in bottiglia, in camera calda, dove riposa circa un mese. -

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

Pack content

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Black crust, try hard cheese, produced in the Po Valley. 30 months seasoning. An experience of flavour.
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Classic Tomato Chutney, perfect to serve and to give as gifts.
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An unfiltered beer, unpasteurized, bottled refermented with yeast of lambrusco. Floral scents and flowers, the nose gets a pleasant fragrance from malt and yeast 
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Definitely a bread unusual, but with many tasty features! The great feature of this type of bread is that it can be consumed in many ways, for example as "bread for breakfast," paired with cheeses or even a good foie gras.
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