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The tradition of pig meat processing is the basis of one of the greatest excellence "parmigiana". Particularly in Parma, in the village of San Secondo, on the banks of the Po, it uses this combination, which leads us into the taste of jovial campaign, where friendship and hospitality from food sharing.
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The rediscovery of tastes ' homemade ' leads to a matching used in midmorning, when after some hours of work it was necessary to "refuel". The ingredients were simple, everything was produced by himself with how the campaign offered: the Cup with their pork, vegetables with vegetables from the kitchen garden, homemade bread with sourdough and the typical...
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In the countryside of Parma the wealthier characters (called the Sior, namely Messrs) delighted the palate with elite products, that are not available to the poor. We reassembled the "merenda del sior".
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The tradition lever, when people worked mostly in the fields, offered a moment of "stop" to recharge yourself with a rustic snack rich in flavors and fragrances, a moment of pleasure before continuing your hard work. Thanks to the stories of our grandparents we found those flavors that we propose in this Snack.
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In the valleys around Piacenza the snack was done with food products at home, genuine flavours.The snack of the tradition rediscovers those flavors, the excitement of a time when the cake was prepared with the recipe handed down by grandparents and cooked in the oven or on the embers of the fireplace, the bacon was produced with its pork and wine was that...
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