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In the valleys around Piacenza the snack was done with food products at home, genuine flavours.
The snack of the tradition rediscovers those flavors, the excitement of a time when the cake was prepared with the recipe handed down by grandparents and cooked in the oven or on the embers of the fireplace, the bacon was produced with its pork and wine was that crushed grapes in their cellar.

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Bacon – Ancient Ardegna – Parma

Thanks to the type-approval of taste that for years the industry requires us, unfortunately few people remember the pleasant sensations that a "real" bacon is able to transmit.

The abundant, derived from heavy pigs and grease become 250-300 pink thanks to maturing of days at least, interspersed with layers of thin that this is well balance, make the bacon of Miller's a classic type of local gourmets and recognized for years beyond.

Crushed Piacenza local cuisine-the Baker of Travo

The Dunk is a bread snacktraditional Piacenza.

It's a little high to allow a fast beat, bread baking.

Is a poor bread made with simple ingredients which reminds many of his childhood when it was offered as a snack on sweet or savory version.

Gutturnio Frizzante Il Poggiarello-Basement Ferrari Perini Was di Travo

Bright Ruby red colour from purple mousse. Juicy fruit on the nose and hints of Peony. The palate is fresh, fruity from fruity finish.

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A typical product of traditional Piacenza is a poor bread snack made with simple ingredients. 
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CAP at spago. Ruby red wine, fresh, savoury from the fruity finish.
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Ancient Ardenga is a small company producing limited quantities of meats Parma.The "low" is a coastal area of Po Riverin the province of Parmahas always voted, by tradition and ideal climate, the production of high quality meats.
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