Gutturnio Frizzante Il Poggiarello-Basement Ferrari Perini Statto di Travo


CAP at spago. Ruby red wine, fresh, savoury from the fruity finish.

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The product immediately and amazes, in real time, tells us that we are in the presence of a "new" and wonderfully attractive, gutturnio with modern and pleasant organoleptic and sensorial; Let's see it on its merits.

Image: The uncorking wine pouring into the Cup and glass, the product comes with a deep purplish red, dark, you won't see the stem of the glass, due to its color density and quantity of grapes.

Also the second fermentation is peculiar; massive, hearty and tending to pink and reclining in glass safely, easily and naturally. 

Floral and fruity aromas on the nose inebriate smell cleanly and healthy, able to perceive immediately the floral diversity contained (sensations of violets and cyclamen a-ionone) and fruity notes (sensations of ripe cherry and red fruits) 

In the mouth it is proof of the diversity of this Gutturnio and his great pleasantness.

Full, crisp enough and never invasive, pleasant but not cloying, nay, the residual sugar is really low and its "roundness" is given by the components of the fruit contained in grapes fructose and glucose and the quantity of grapes per plant.

At every tasting so far amazes the point to show up with feelings as if it were a "gutturnio-lambrusco".

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