The Snack Cremonese


The tradition lever, when people worked mostly in the fields, offered a moment of "stop" to recharge yourself with a rustic snack rich in flavors and fragrances, a moment of pleasure before continuing your hard work.

Thanks to the stories of our grandparents we found those flavors that we propose in this Snack.

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This menu contains:

Salame Cremona-salumificio Molinari Mauritius 

The salami ... "fact as it once was." For a lever make the salami is a family thing, an art.

The small workshop of Maurizio Molinari is the culmination of a life where the salami has always been there, a bit how for many here, in the heart of the Po Valley.

By father Ottorino and before that in the history of the family salami is a passion now work and new starting point to testify and perpetuate an ancient culture and should not be missed.

Maurizio Molinari personally chooses the pigs to get the raw material for his salami.

There is no art without patience. Maurizio Molinari dedicates to his passion for the salami and did time the main qualifying element of its super salami.

Top Salami can't get him with a perfect maturation up to 12 months or more, and that's just proof of absolute naturalness with which Maurice works, really like they used to.

The Cremuna from Red-cornmeal Polenta de AZ. Agr. The Campagnino, Pessina Cremonese


2 liters of water
500 gr. Yellow cornmeal
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 small handful of coarse salt


By Sabrina

Put in a saucepan 2 lt of water and add salt.

Bring to a boil and pour the flour slowly to "rain".

Never fail to stir with a wooden spoon to prevent the formation of lumps.

Bake for 50 minutes on a medium heat finally serve it with the sauce you expect.

In families emiliane polenta which was not consumed fresh was eaten sliced the next day.

The slices can be heated in the oven until it forms a nice crunchy crust and then try passing them in a veil of butter and grated Parmesan cheese

The slices of polenta can also be fried and dipped in egg yolk cooked in a frying pan.

Mustard "Mosonda" of figs-Fredo

Fredo produces Mustard from 1899, using only top quality fruit, GMO-free colorants and preservatives.

Mustard Fredo is a complete natural product and free from any artifice to enhance colors or flavors.

Delightful on the palate, decorative and available in many flavours is perfect for meat, fish, cheese ... from appetizer to dessert!!

Bonarda Manvantara-Cellar Luretta Momeliano Castle

Pleasantness and intensity.

Wrap the taster at the first smell the floral aromas of this wine ranging from intense hints of violets and iris up to complex cedar and pepper balsamic resin.

Feature the softnice drink Bonarda, the variety in Italy and only in very special territory of Piacenza.

Intoxicating smoothness of blackberries in the uniqueness of an incomparable wine.

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

Pack content

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The salami did as it once was, with a matperfect for up to 12 months or more s or saturation levels.                                  The weight varies from 0.900 gr. per kilogram.
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Classic fig mustard, perfect to serve and to give as gifts.
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Pleasantness and intensity envelop the taster, floral hints of violet and iris from up to Balsam resin of cedar and pepper. Intoxicating smoothness of blackberries in the uniqueness of an incomparable wine.
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