Salame Cremona-salumificio Molinari Mauritius


The salami did as it once was, with a matperfect for up to 12 months or more s or saturation levels.                                  The weight varies from 0.900 gr. per kilogram.

This product is no longer available


The salami ... "did come una volta"

For a lever make the salami is a family thing, an art.

The small workshop of Maurizio Molinari is the culmination of a life where the salami has always been there, a bit how for many here, in the heart of the Po Valley.

By father Ottorino and before that in the history of the family salami is a passion now work and new starting point to testify and perpetuate an ancient culture and should not be missed.

Maurizio Molinari personally chooses the pigs to get the raw material for his salami.

There is no art without patience.

Maurizio Molinari dedicates to his passion for the salami and did time the main qualifying element of its super salami.

Top Salami can't get him with a perfect maturation up to 12 months or more, and that's just proof of absolute naturalness with which Maurice works, really like they used to.

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