Culatello di Zibello-excellence of Cellar-Soragna


Unique product, with high gastronomic value. King of Italian cured meats, soft, delicate, tender, with a perfume and a pleasant persistence. Unforgettable.

This product is no longer available


The most high gastronomic value of this product really unique, definitely the "King" of Italian, norcineria rewards the work of us small tradesmen.

Depriving the heart of thigh from front and excess fat, they get the culatello that, wisely salted and bagged by expert hands, in our humid Cellars is transformed into a truly unique product.

Soft, delicate, sweet, with a fragrance and a pleasant persistence actually superior to its reputation, it will be unforgettable for you and your customers.

The thirteen manufacturers in the Consortium, with much more restrictive regulations of the D.O.P. itself, produce it without chemical additives and only during the winter months.

For this reason, it is forbidden to use refrigerators and other accouterments in seasoning, to change the climate traditionally suited just in recent months.

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