Strolghino Old ramond culatello-Ardegna


Ancient Ardenga is a small company producing limited quantities of meats Parma. The "low" is a coastal area of Po Riverin the province of Parmahas always voted, by tradition and ideal climate, the production of high quality meats.

This product is no longer available


Strolghino is a small small diameter salami to taste muchyoung.

It is made with the meat resulting from trimming of the culatello. In fact giving the large pear shape, its culatello remains some meat that given the valuable provenance, certainly is the best of the pig.

Very thin, delicate and sweet, especially delights the palate of the few who know him, and have the opportunity to taste it due to the small quantity produced.

Just because it's stuffed into a very thin gut, wrapped in straw paper is shipped old pork butchers in our area, and packaged in envelopes to protect it and maintain its delicacy.

Ancient Ardenga manufactures the strolghini in modified atmosphere.

His weight is three ounces.

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