Ardegna – Parma – Ancient Ardenga Cup


Ancient Ardenga is a small company producing limited quantities of meats Parma.The "low" is a coastal area of Po Riverin the province of Parmahas always voted, by tradition and ideal climate, the production of high quality meats.

This product is no longer available


Our cups must be large, and made from pigs definitely heavy.

The damp cellars of "low" exalt the characteristics of sweetness and delicacy that, given the utter lack of chemical additives, only the time, the ideal microclimate, and a large pig, they manage to make them unique.

Once ready to cut, well balanced in thin, with the indispensable fat portion that smooths even after 250-300 days of maturation.

The weight of an average of 100 g 2 kg whole exceeds the Cup.

So the 1/2 Cup just over 1 kg.

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