My story

Sabrina was born in Failures Travo (Piacenza) small town nestled in the hills of Appennino Piacentino. since childhood is immersed in "atmospheres" hills with the scents, flavors and Thla traditions emotions Padane.

Emilia is:

  • -pasta "homemade" (by hand) which Pisarei, Tortelli di Erbetta, Ravioli, Tagliatelle

  • -Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

  • -Red and white wines are Gutturnio, Bonarda, Barbera, Lambrusco, Trebbiano, Cabernet Sauvignon

  • -cold cuts culatello, coppa, salami, bacon, ham, Bacon

Sabrina grows in the "bottega" of family learn the "traditional" recipes that then refine over the years. His passion is researching handicrafts, of excellence, creating menu combinations that bring out the flavours and emotions that only the Italian cuisine know transmit.

Sabrina and VAN STADEN Bar: The experience gained through the management of VAN STADEN Bar, Via Mantova 1 c in Cremona, local that stands out for its "typical" food allows him to hone technique and taste every day and constantly deepen the research of specialty foods, wines and liqueurs (of absolute importance the selection of wines, sparkling wines and Rum).

Try to taste both as a restaurant, with typical menus upon request, who in rousing "aperitif-dinner" Happy Hour.

Sabrina menus

A taste of Italian cuisine is based on two pillars, one is constituted by "excellent" and the other by the CORRECT combination of VARIOUS FOODS/WINES to EXALT the AROMAS and flavors.

It is not enough to eat good foods and drinking good wine you taste them properly to "enjoy the greatest pleasure" on the palate.

From the desire of wanting to share an excellent combination of foods was born the idea of "Sabrina's Menu", tasting proposals to enhance the flavours of Italian tradition and let them know in the world.