The peasant's Delight


The peasants who lived in the hills of Emilia raised the Bruna Alpina cows, can give you a latte called "white gold".

The workday went from dawn to dusk, hard work in contact with nature.

At times when they needed to take a well earned rest enjoyed simple products that nature had "won" through their hard work.

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This menu contains:

Parmigiano Reggiano diSoloBruna of Malik and Gaur Reggio Emilia

More sweet and aromatic. White Gold Italian Bruna Alpina, top quality milk, comes this absolutely precious Parmigiano Reggiano.

Alpine brown cow is present in Italy from 150 years especially in the high pastures from the toughest terrain.

Is a docile animal, from the mantle Brown, with look sweet and deep.

The uniqueness of her milk comes from the greater amount of protein it contains, especially casein which is crucial to achieve the extraordinary quality of our

Parmigiano Reggiano PDO disolabruna ®, which is sweeter and more aromatic than a regular Parmesan cheese as evidenced by authoritative studies conducted at several Italian universities.

' Italialleva transparently ensures the origin of the goods is in the completeness of its supply chain.

Is a guarantee that you don't buy, you get on with the job and seriousness, a hallmark of outstanding quality for consumers of our great product.

Apricot mustard "Mosonda" by FREDO

Serve with cheese or as a filling for sweet smooth taste.


Handcrafted products from the farm On Campagnino.

Multifunctional farm, is located in Villa Rocca di Pessina Cremonese, surrounded the Oglio Sud Park. Over an area of 26 hectares are cultivated chiefly cereals including some ancient as, wheat, corn, Senator Hats Piccolo da polenta and Buckwheat also (by these cereals we obtain excellent wholemeal flour) also grows vegetables, fruit, berries and herbs.

Nero di Lambrusco from Cantine Ceci in Parma

Serving temperature: 8°/10° C

Deep purple-red sparkling wine with juicy BlackBerry notes of raspberry and cinnamon. The rich and vibrant and mellow taste slightly tannic.

Considered the masterpiece of Cantine Ceci. Harvested in early October, it undergoes maceration on skins at low temperatures of 5-7 days.

Extraordinary violet-red color and full and enveloping bouquet of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with marked Woody scents of wood.

Great tannic mitigated by important residual sugar.

Go to wedding with all the excellent Parmesan cuisine and beyond.   

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

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Sweet and aromatic, comes from the white gold of Italian Bruna Alpina, higher quality milk. Absolutely precious Parmigiano Reggiano.
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Classic apricot mostarda, perfect to serve and to give as gifts.
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Stone ground wheat flour crackers with extra virgin olive oil.
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