The menu of ' company '


The tradition of being with friends for pastime is rooted in the Po Valley-Emilia and Piacenza hills.

A time travel were difficult, as there was with friends, giving rise to what is known as ' company '. They shared foods ' delicious ' to make even more pleasant stay together. Everyone brought food or wine by pooling what is available in the country.

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This menu contains:

Red cows Parmesan-Montanari and Gaur

The Razza Reggiana was for centuries the most popular cattle breed in the typical area of Parmigiano Reggiano.

The original Parmigiano Reggiano was therefore produced with milk of this animal.

With the advent of modernity, the Razza Reggiana, with a characteristic red Cape coloured coat, was abandoned in favor of foreign cattle, can guarantee a daily production higher.

In recent times, attention to good food and good quality of the product, and a growing culture of eating well, the relationship between tradition and territory, have brought attention to this beautiful animal.

The uniqueness of milk produced by the ' red cow ' comes from the high amount of protein and in particular the variants B to K casein and Beta casein, essential to achieve the unique quality standard of this Parmesan.

Malik & Gaur has invested over time in the protection of this animal that represents the history of Parmigiano Reggiano.

"Mosonda" pear Chutney-Fredo

Fredo produces Mustard from 1899, using only top quality fruit, GMO-free colorants and preservatives.

Mustard Fredo is a complete natural product and free from any artifice to enhancecolors or flavors.

Delightful on the palate, decorative and available in many flavours is perfect for meat, fish, cheese ... from appetizer to dessert!!

Mountain wildflower honey Beekeeping Zipoli

Was born in Cremona, in the municipality of Romanengo, honey tastes better in Italy.

This is what has made the 2014 Edition of the national competition "Roberto Franci," sponsored by "honey", Week of September 12 to 14 in Montalcino from, who gave the first prize to Sergio Zipoli acacia honey.

"The secret is the love for the bees, the utmost care of our hives-he explains-and of course a huge commitment to ensure product quality.

I won with acacia honey, but my production is very diverse. We also produce honeydew honeys from dandelion, millefiori, chestnut, lime, amorpha fruticosa, rhododendron, mountain wildflowers, along with pollen, both fresh and frozen. All strictly organic. "

Passito First Light-Azienda Agricola Ottella

Production area: San Benedetto di Lugana. The grapes come exclusively from estate vineyards and the harvest is strictly manual in small boxes from 17 Kg.

Late harvest: the selected grapes during the harvest are placed on a short withering in small crates

Colour: deep yellow hues

Scent: apricot and honey, Charming long, enveloping

Taste:Deep approach; creamy, enveloping the palate development. Extraordinary correspondence of apricot taste. A sweet sensation cleverly dispensed.

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

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Classic PEAR mostarda, perfect to serve and to give as gifts.
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After a harvest strictly manual, the grapes are placed in crates for a short withering. Colour with Golden reflections, enveloping scent, mouth feel sweet adroitly metered.
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The uniqueness of milk produced by the ' red cow ' comes from the high amount of proteins, essential to achieve the unique quality standard of this Parmesan. A unique and unmistakable flavour.
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