The snack of the Lords (Sior)


In the countryside of Parma the wealthier characters (called the Sior, namely Messrs) delighted the palate with elite products, that are not available to the poor.

We reassembled the "merenda del sior".

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This menu contains:

Culatello di Zibello-excellence of Cellar Soragna (Parma)

The most high gastronomic value of this product really unique, definitely the "King" of Italian, norcineria rewards the work of us small tradesmen.

Depriving the heart of thigh from front and excess fat, they get the culatello that, wisely salted and bagged by expert hands, in our humid Cellars is transformed into a truly unique product.

Soft, delicate, sweet, with a fragrance and a pleasant persistence actually superior to its reputation, it will be unforgettable for you and your customers.

The thirteen manufacturers in the Consortium, with much more restrictive regulations of the D.O.P. itself, produce it without chemical additives and only during the winter months.

For this reason, it is forbidden to use refrigerators and other accouterments in seasoning, to change the climate traditionally suited just in recent months.

The menu provides half Culatello 1.8-2 variable weight kg.

Parmigiano Reggiano – gigantina

Our ultra 50-year-old dairy tradition made us feel our duty towards our loyal consumers to bring to market a Parmesan cheese really "special" ...

a unique and inimitable product that can inspire in those who tasted really unforgettable emotions.

Comes from ourhuge passion for Parmigiano Reggiano "GIGANTINA" which takes its name from the large size of forms from us choices to promote our beliefs.

This extraordinary Parmigiano Reggiano, we propose with a 30-month average, maturing at the sight it has a light straw color and intense with olfactive complexity alive, dominated by aromas of fresh milk and herbal notes and dried fruit.

The palate is the absolute balance between mild flavor and soft sweetness typical of raw milk fresh from the cow.

"A sublime emotion don't miss!"

Fruit sourdough bread-company Fathy

The presence of dried fruit makes it sweet, but a gentleness that does not make him lose his "identity": it is therefore not to be perceived as a difficult product to be consumed.

If you think you have a "sweet", your expectations will be utterly disappointed!

As for the other bread, we use the sourdough; the dough is then left to rise for at least 8 hours. The dehydrated fruit viene aggiunta nella fase del “secondo impasto”: quindi dopo aver già fatto lievitare l’impasto.

When you use natural yeasts, using the technique ofindirect dough, that ismade a first dough, where you do not add all the ingredients, it is left to rise and then, at the first dough, adding the remaining ingredients. The whole is then left to rest and then cooked.

Otello black Lambrusco-1813

Considered the masterpiece of Cantine Ceci.

Harvested in early October, it undergoes maceration on skins at low temperatures of 5-7 days.

Extraordinary violet-red color and full and enveloping bouquet of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with marked Woody scents of wood. Great tannic mitigated by important residual sugar.

Go to wedding with all the excellent Parmesan cuisine and beyond.

Princess-Cellar Luretta, Momeliano Castle

Tasting notes: yellow colour, aromas of ripe fruit and white flowers, taste and freshness.

Very good with appetizers, appetizers, meats.

The bubbles of the territory according to Luretta.

Classic white grape method which exploits the twenty-year experience of the wine cellar, offering a fresh sparkling wine drank but never dull with enticing floral aromas.

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

Pack content

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A Parmesan cheese really special, unique product that gives those who taste excitement. Absolute balance between flavor and soft sweetness, sublime emotion not to Miss!
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1 x
Definitely a bread unusual, but with many tasty features! The great feature of this type of bread is that it can be consumed in many ways, for example as "bread for breakfast," paired with cheeses or even a good foie gras.
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Unique product, with high gastronomic value. King of Italian cured meats, soft, delicate, tender, with a perfume and a pleasant persistence. Unforgettable.
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