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In the past, when families had modest budgets, certain foods were consumed only during "holidays".

There was a wait to taste food that rarely appeared on the spasmodic, the kitchen was flooded by scents, flavours and lots of fun.

We want to relive those moments suggesting those tastes, stimulating the pleasure and joy of those moments.

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This menu contains:

Cotechino Cremonese-Molinari Maurizio workshop of the salami

Products by Maurizio Molinari, is obtained from the transformation from pig stuffed with a route where the mastery in select parts of the pig.

Cotechino cremonese is achieved by using harder muscles of swine, nerves resulting from clearing party for salami, and with the addition of the rind.

Cotechino cremonese comes in sizes ranging between 800 grams and 2 Kg.

After short aged cheeses should be eaten cooked.

By Sabrina

Cotechino with lentils is a typical dish of the menu of the Christmas holidays especially new year's Eve, it is said that eating sausage and lentils before midnight is a good omen for the new year.

How to cook sausage?

Prick the surface with the prongs of a fork, then wrap it in a white binding blueprint ends with string.

Dip it in a pot, cover with water and bring to a boil at this point lower the heat and let it simmer for at least two hours.

When cooked, let stand the sausage for a few minutes in water before removing it and remove it from the blueprint.

Once extracted from the pot and take away from blueprint cut into thick slices and arrange it on a platteraccompagnadolo serving with stewed lentils.


Mustard "Mosonda" with citrus-Fredo

Fredo produces Mustard from 1899, using only top quality fruit, GMO-free colorants and preservatives.

Mustard Fredo is a complete natural product and free from any artifice to enhance colors or flavors.

Delightful on the palate, decorative and available in many flavours is perfect for meat, fish, cheese ... from appetizer to dessert!!

Lentil-AZ. Agr. Valley of Mugnanea Oasis-Castiglione del Lago PG

The company is owned by the Mainò family for four generations.

It was bought in about 1870 and passed down from father to son until today. In the decades before the crops were all extensive type (wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, alfalfa), for ten years today are also intensive crops (beans, lentils, chickpeas, lentils, millet, spelt and others).

The name "Valley of the OASIS" reflects the position where it is. The company covers and is bordered by the naturalistic oasis of Montepulciano Lake in Central Italy, 95% 5% for Tuscany and Umbria, in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago; is a valley that stretches for about 35 acres.

Lentil properties

This legume is produced in small quantities throughout Italy, but the area of greatest production is in the region of Umbria.

The lentildo not soak, you cook as a side dish, lessa, to almost any kind of meat is very flavorful and tasty even for gourmets, i.e. for gourmets.

Lentils have a high nutritional value and contain about 25% protein, 53% of carbohydrates and 2% of vegetable oils.

They are also rich in phosphorus, iron and B vitamins. They also have a high protein content, a good amount of sugar and a small amount of fat, in addition to being rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Barbera Carabas-Cellar Luretta, Momeliano Castle, Piacenza

The winery has been making wine in Val Luretta Luretta, climatic conditions here are extremely favorable to the production of great wines.

Luretta working decisively on the development of the land, and indeed of the terroir, letting his vines go looking for water and nutrients deep, making small clusters to produce few every plant and choosing the varieties to be planted, making sure that well integrate with the soil.

Everything here is studied in detail:

grapes are harvested by hand and stored in large boxes and low and do not overlap the bunches,

is kept at a controlled temperature until crushing to avoid trigger fermentation processes, and then each grape follows his way into the bottle.

Elegance and austerity. Centuries of history and agricultural tradition ahead of us found perfect expression through this vine from ancient origins that has gone through various eras to reach us.

Barbera is one of the most noble Italian vines known all over the world.

It is the story of Piacenza who comes into our glass with its hints of Earth and red fruits well modulated the inevitable relationship with wood, eternal Companion.

Each menu is packaged in Gift Packaging.

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Obtained from the transformation from pork sausage, using a route characterized by skill in selecting parts of the pig. Great slow cooked and served with a side of lentils.
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Classic citrus Chutney, perfect to serve and to give as gifts.
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Barbera is one of the most noble Italian vines, known all over the world. It's the story of Piacenza who comes into our glass with its hints of Earth and red fruits.Elegance and austerity.
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