Orange Soda-Lurisia


Drinks made "as it once was"


Orange soda

Drunk young as usual

Our Orange drink is brewed with orange of Gargano IGP, Slow Food Presidium overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic Sea. Here the oranges ripen in late winter by acquiring an exceptional resistance to oxidation after harvest: Peel thin, crunchy and sweet juice tending to to get a unique product.

Orange slightly Opalescent shades of intense little characterized by interesting iridescence. Fine and persistent effervescence.
Intense, strong and deep. Determined hints of citrus, spring blossoms and essences.
The sweetness alternates kindly and balanced in the mouth with acidity, recalling the typical sensations of ripe orange.
Intense and persistent aroma of citrus.

Consumed in purity is an excellent Thirst-Quencher and can be used safely on snacks and used for fresh and light appetizers.
Great also turned into sorbet with the addition of lemon balm leaves and orange peel.
Serve in glass with low and large, without adding ice, and with an orange slice.

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