Soda Ceramico Alfredo Gioventù – Mandarinata – 250 ml


The project Ceramico Alfredo Gioventù Portofino, a company founded by residents and frequenters of Portofino sharing a passion and love for the village ...

This product is no longer available


... aims to recover local traditions, put an end to the State of land abandonment, retrain some uninhabited spaces for a long time, then as a driving force for the activities of the third parties that provide value to the territory, offer services and high quality products at affordable prices, make Portofino a living place twelve months a year, seasonal variations and boost tourism, publicize Portofino and its typical products in Italy and abroad.  

A cold drink and refreshing taste and naturally decided to Mandarin. Just poured you perceive for a pleasant scent of Mandarin and a slightly bitter aftertaste. The tangerine juice accompanied by delicate notes of iris flowers makes it a perfect drink in every season. 

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